Windows 10 Shortcut Keys

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Windows 10 Shortcut Keys

Sr.NoShortcut KeyDescription
1WinkeyOpen and Close The Start Menu.
2WinKey+1.2...ETCSwitch To Desktop and Launch The Numbered Application in The Taskbar.
3WinKey+AOpen the Action Center.
4WinKey+BHighlight the Notification Area.
5WinKey+CLaunch Cortana Into Listening Mode. Users Can Begin To Speak To Cortana Immediately
6WinKey+DSwitch Between Show Desktop
7WinKey+ELaunch File Explorer
8WinKey+HOpen The Share Charm
9WinKey+IOpen The Settings App
10WinKey+KOpen The Connect Pane
11WinKey+LLock The Device And Go To The Lock Screen
12WinKey+MSwitch To The Desktop and Minimize all Open Windows
13WinKey+OLock Device Orientation
14WinKey+POpen The Project Pane To Search and Connect to External Displays and Projectors
15WinKey+RDisplay The Run Dialog Box
16WinKey+SLaunch Cortana
17WinKey+TCycle Through The Apps on The Taskbar
18WinKey+ULaunch The Ease of Access Center
19WinKey+VCycle Through Notifications
20WinKey+XOpen The WinX Menu in The Lower-left Corner of The Screen.
21WinKey+ZOpen The App-Specific Command Bar
22WinKey+ENTERLaunch Narrator
23WinKey+SPACEBARSwitch Input Language and Keyboard Layout
24WinKey+TABOpen Task view
25WinKey+,Peek at The Desktop
26WinKey+PLUSZoom in
27WinKey+MINUSZoom out
28WinKey+ESCAPEClose Magnifier
29WinKey+LEFTDock The Active Window to The Left Half of The Monitor.
30WinKey+RIGHTDock The Active Window to The Right Half Of The Monitor.
31WinKey+UPMaximize the Active Window Vertically and Horizontally.
32WinKey+DOWNRestore or Minimize The active Window
33WinKey+UP ARROWMaximize The Active Window Vertically, Maintaining The Current Width
34WinKey+DOWN ARROWRestore or Minimize The Active Window Vertically
35WinKey+SHIFT+DOWN ARROWRestore or Minimize The Active Window Vertically
36WinKey+SHIFT+LEFT ARROWWith Multiple Monitors, Move The Active Window To The Monitor on The Left.
37WinKey+CTRL+F4Close The Desktop You’re Using
38Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen Task Manager.
39Alt + TabSwitch between open apps.
40Alt + Left arrow keyGo back.
41Alt + Right arrow keyGo foward.
42Alt + Page UpMove up one screen.
43Alt + Page downMove down one screen.
44Ctrl + Alt +TabView open apps
45Ctrl + CCopy selected items to clipboard.
46Ctrl + XCut selected items.
47Ctrl + VPaste content from clipboard.
48Ctrl + ASelect all content.
49Ctrl + ZUndo an action.
50Ctrl + YRedo an action.
51Ctrl + DDelete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin.
52Ctrl + EscOpen the Start Menu.
53Ctrl + ShiftSwitch the keyboard layout.
54Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen Task Manager.
55Ctrl + F4Close the active window

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